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Koffee Tip – How to Keep Coffee Fresher

  1. Buy Fresh Coffee. Check out the date your coffee was manufactured. The newer the coffee the better!
  2. Purchase your coffee as whole beans.
  3. Grind your whole bean coffee right before use.
  4. Store your coffee in a cool area. Note: Coffee can absorb surrounding smells, so be careful when you store it in a freezer or fridge, make sure it is in an air tight container. Source:
  5. Store your coffee in a container with a one way valve. Such as a coffee bag or a canister with a valve (the valve lets the coffee off-gas) Here is an example of a coffee canister. Click here to see the canister in the image.

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Koffee Tip – Hazelnut Fresh Roasted Coffee

Hazelnut fresh roasted coffee is an excellent flavor addition to your coffee. However, we are not talking about creamers or extracts (They have their place). We are talking about hazelnuts from the baking aisle or from the tree. Required tools & ingredients for this excellent cup of coffee.

  1. French Press
  2. Blade grinder (bur grinders can get plugged up with hazelnuts)
  3. Hazelnuts (crushed or whole cooked)
  4. Whole coffee beans (ground will work but may get a bit fine)


Put some coffee beans and hazelnuts (adjust to your strength perhaps start with 5 hazelnuts to 1/2 cup of beans) in your blade grinder. Chop them together. Note the hazel nut may need scraped off the side from time to time as you go (it can get a bit like peanut butter). Dump your coffee grounds pre-mixed with hazelnuts in your French press and let them steep. Now enjoy a cup of hazel nut coffee to your strength preferences!