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Koffee Tip – Fresh Roasted Coffee Tip

Fresh Roasted Coffee Tip: When should I start using my fresh roasted coffee? Short answer: Right away!

  • The fun thing about fresh roasted coffee is that it can have different flavor subtleties. For example a blend roast we did yesterday: smelled right off of a cinnamon roll, chocolate, caramel drizzle then around 4-5 hours latter moved into a more plum smell. This profile may continue to change over the next few days.
  • So try your fresh roast right away and expect to have some fun taste tests over the next few days as you continue to fellow-sip your coffee.
  • We’d recommend you don’t let your fresh roast sit too long or it may begin to become more like the coffee that sits on the shelf at the store (who knows when that coffee was roasted).

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